Fresh, locally grown flowers from April to September
Fresh, locally grown flowers from April to September
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The Story So Far

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by and reading my very first blog post.

How did I get here and why flower farming?

I’ve always loved flowers in their various forms, they illicit a response in humans that is difficult to describe, their beauty enchants us, their scent transports us and the act of giving or receiving just makes us feel good.  Studies show that flowers raise our serotonin levels and that growing our own can be a powerful therapeutic tool.

I had a 5 month old baby when Covid happened, prior to that I had struggled with pre and post natal anxiety to a point where it had become all consuming. 

Me and Alf at a few weeks old


  (me and Alf at a few weeks old)




Thankfully I did get the medical help I needed, but as anyone pre-disposed can tell you, anxiety and it’s related problems don’t just disappear, even with medication.

Unsurprisingly, Covid and a house-move to a new area, plus several stays in hospital with my little one, also had a big impact on me.

But the new house had a garden and when garden centres opened up again it was a real treat to load Alf into the pushchair and buy some things to grow.

(Off to the garden centre!)

I started growing vegetables and was soon searching out YouTube videos, really enjoying looking at other people’s growing

It wasn’t long before I discovered Floret and realised that there was such a thing as flower farming, the beauty of flowers combined with the therapeutic act of growing them myself appealed hugely to me.  A little while later videos were appearing on YouTube of ‘the flower farmers big weekend’ run by Flowers from the Farm.  Due to covid, farms had been unable to open their doors to each other, so they had gone virtual instead, this allowed people like me who had no real knowledge of the British flowers movement to peek behind the curtain, and I was totally smitten.

I decided to include a few raised beds around the edges of our garden to grow flowers for myself, friends and family.

(Potting on seeds during nap time)

However over the months it took to save for the work, this growing space had grown to about half the area we had to work with and I had told my partner that I wanted to give micro flower farming a really good go with a view to selling to my local community and spreading the word about British Flowers.

 So here we are, in the middle of my first year. 

I’ve sown, I’ve planted, I’ve fleeced and unfleeced countless times, I’ve carted around soil and compost without the use of a wheelbarrow, I’ve watered, squashed slugs and aphids, cut,

arranged and now I’m thrilled to be selling bunches.


British flowers are just magical and the combined effect of nurturing my own growing space with arranging beautiful blooms, plus the community I’ve found, has worked wonders for me and my well being (even though I’m very tired!)

I’ll go into how and what I grow in a post soon, but for now I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit about me and how I got here.

Speak soon

Poppy x

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